Central Committee Chairman Robert J. Walters

Born in Alabama, Bob was raised in Lakewood CA and now lives in Orange County. He was always in politics starting with debating kids in high school on the school integration issue. Then created an opposition newspaper at UCLA called the Gargoyle to oppose the Daily Bruin. He wrote his first book in 1964 while still at UCLA. This was AS THE PENDULUM SWINGS, and focused on the radical trend in the civil rights movement he felt was coming given his days at college. He helped put the American Independent Party on the ballot in CA in 1966. He ran for state senator but only came in 2nd.

Later in life he wrote a book, FACING REALITY IN AMERICAN EDUCATION which focused on the gaps in school between the races and what could be done about it. He basically said all should just do the best they can and find their way in life. Short people cannot play basketball, and fat people cannot be jockeys. Same with schools, not all are set for college so find the level that does fit you and do the best you can. Then this past year he wrote EDUCATION OR INDOCTRINATION which puts light on the people and groups that pushed indoctrination in our schools some 70 years ago and what can be done to stop this trend. We must if we are to save America. He has 12 grandchildren and fears for their future so he has doubled his efforts to turn all this around.

Vice Chairman Victor Marani
Treasurer Phil Stephens

Philip A. Stephens serves on the Executive Committee and is the Treasurer of the American Independent Party of California. Stephens is also Chairman of the Independent Party of Santa Cruz County.

Stephens, a California native, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Southern California in 1984.

Stephens provides professional financial advice to numerous for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. Stephens brings an expertise in operations, credit and risk management, process improvement, cost control, financial reporting, accounting, budgeting and forecasting, and human resource management. Philip has developed a broad-based expertise in managing complex regulatory and compliance matters.

Philip Stephens began his professional career in banking, rising to the role of vice president at Swiss based UBS, where he managed credit relationships for global Fortune 500 clients. Stephens moved on from banking to hold various positions in private industry including chief operating officer and vice president of finance for a family-owned food manufacturer and distributor; and vice president of finance for a venture capital backed company that developed and commercialized fuel additives to reduce vehicle emissions.

Philip Stephens was elected in December 2022 to a 4-year term as a Director of the La Selva Beach Recreational District, located on the scenic Monterey Bay Coast. He currently serves as Treasurer of the Board.

Stephens is leading the effort along with party advocates to revitalize and expand the reach to all 58 counties that comprise the Golden State of California. Get involved and stay involved.

Secretary Nathan Miller
Executive Committee Chair Nathan Sorenson